jueves, 2 de julio de 2009


well... i just watched you going down the stairs,
leaving the building and walking into the street...

its a shame to realize, so lately, how i did nothing, again.

i should run towards you and hold you in the middle of the rain
-"wait... i've something to tell you..." ...i should said...

and then i should have kissed you...
but i didn't.

i just stood there with the glass in my hand,
i just stood there and swigged my vodka, watching rain falling down...


post-scriptum (facsimile version)
- what time is it?- you said
- mm why? you have to go now?- i reply
- well... yes, i have...
- oh... would you like me to walk you home?
- oh no thank you, you don't have to.
- then, i
guess this is g... i mean, i guess i'll be seeing you... right?
- oh sure.
- great, see you soon then.
- yeah, i'll see you around...

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