jueves, 17 de junio de 2010

Ladies and gentleman, a quote about trickery, fraud and lies.

Our works in stone, in paint, in print, are spared, some of them, for a few decades or a millennium or two, but everything must finally fall in war, or wear away into the ultimate and universal ash - the triumphs, the frauds, the treasures and the fakes. A fact of life: we're going to die. "Be of good heart," cry the dead artists out of the living past. "Our songs will all be silenced, but what of it? Go on singing." Maybe a man's name doesn't matter all that much.
Orson Welles, F for Fake! (Vérités et mensonges) , 1973

jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

תיקון עולם

Norah: There's this part of Judaism that I like. Tikkun Olam. It said that the world is broken into pieces and everyone has to find them and put them back together.
: Maybe we don't have to find it. Maybe we are the pieces...
: Nick? I'm coming in...

miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

martes, 23 de marzo de 2010

Si la palabra silencio es, «entre todas las palabras», la «más perversa o la más poética», es porque cuando finge que calla el sentido, dice el sin-sentido, se desliza y se borra ella misma, no se mantiene, se calla ella misma, no como silencio sino como habla. Este desplazamiento traiciona a la vez el discurso y el no-discurso. Es posible que se imponga sobre nosotros, pero también la soberanía puede intervenir ahí para traicionar rigurosamente el sentido en el sentido, el discurso en el discurso.
"De la economía restringida a la economía general", p. 360.

sábado, 27 de febrero de 2010


Interviewer: You’ve worked with one another for a while now. So let’s be serious then: What’s one thing you always wondered about the other person?

Mike Patton: Dan, I want to know where you keep your pillows in the house. I’ve been using the couch pillows and I’m all chaffed. [Patton’s staying in Nakamura’s NYC place for the week.]

Dan Nakamura a.k.a. Dan The Automator : They’re in the closet.

MP: Really? That’s the illuminating answer?

DN: Yeah. Mike, if you’re having a nice meal and want a light after-dinner drink as you digest, what do you order?

MP: This is a tough question, since they’re all so heavy. I might go with a younger scotch. What would you say to that?

DN: What about a cheese plate?

MP: Oh no. Never. Cheese is only for when I’m still hungry. You like that shit though, don’t you?

DN: Yeah, a good bleu cheese or something would work after dinner.

MP: I had a meal in Paris once where all the intermezzo courses were cheeses. I thought that was kinda interesting. We’re just gonna talk about food, you know.

Mike Patton & Dan the Automator are 'Crudo'

jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010

Partial Failure

"The problem is, our lives, as good novels well know, are always a partial, failing, view from somewhere." Zadie Smith

jueves, 14 de enero de 2010