martes, 29 de septiembre de 2009


17 seconds of compassion
17 seconds of peace
17 seconds to remember love is the energy behind which all is created
17 seconds to remember all that is good
17 seconds to forget all your hurt and pain
17 seconds of faith
17 seconds to trust you again
17 seconds of radiance
17 seconds to send a prayer up
17 seconds is all you really need
-Billy Corgan

2 comentarios:

Sebastiana dijo...

Desde que la primera vez que leí eso, allá en los noventa... recuerdo que me quedé pensando si realmente love is the energy behind which all is created... y nomás no me parece, pero tampoco puedo decir por qué... jaja.

Black Bird dijo...

Actually, my dear, I've been thinking about it for quite some time you know, and i must say that i don't know either...